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what are the various uses of forest in our day to day lives?



uses of forest

We get a lot of oxygen from the trees in the forest. The use of forests is very important to us. what are the various uses of forest in our day to day lives is very important for animals. The use of forests has always made human and animal life pleasant. Today we will look at the use of all forests in this article. Let’s learn what are uses of the forest without wasting time.

what are the various uses of forest in our day to day lives: Uses Of Forest In Points and write four uses of forest

1) The main use of the forest is fresh air

The carbon dioxide that you emit is always absorbed by the plants and in return, the plants always provide you with pure oxygen from the forest. The sun always helps the plants to produce food as compared to the sunlight. forest There is a very important use of forests.

2) Global warming

The forest has always acted as a natural roof over the earth. The trees in the forest are always trying to cool the earth’s climate. Also one of the great uses of the forest is that the trees in the forest are always trying to keep the environment around me clean and cool These are five uses of forest

Therefore, the risk of global warming is reduced. Forests reduce global warming and forests are always trying to keep the earth cool. This is also a great use of the forest for you and all the creatures. importance of forest in points

3) Weather retention

The main uses of forests are to preserve the climate. Due to large scale deforestation these days, the reasons for declining rainfall in some areas are also increasing. The main reason for this is that deforestation is on the rise. Oxygen is one of the most important animal needs today and in the future. importance of forest in our life

And we can meet that need only through the forest. Naturally, you should be aware of this. Because of this, we should at least deforest. The forest always helps to maintain the climate.

Due to the forest, the climate is always pure and natural. The fact that the air coming from the forest is very important and beneficial for our health is also a very important use of forests.

4) Forests also prevent ground erosion

Soil erosion has a very negative effect on crop growth. The fertile topsoil is very important for crop growth. The roots of the trees always grow in the soil, so the roots of the trees do not grow properly in the soil due to soil erosion. And this is because of the erosion of the land due to the presence of neighboring forests.

So if there are neighboring forests, then forests are always helping to prevent sunburn on the ground. The forest always acts as the earth’s natural. The main uses of the forest are to prevent erosion of the soil. The forest also protects the land from direct rains. Forests also prevent soil erosion. Also, even dead leaves rot and always increase the fertility of the soil. This is also an important use of forests.

uses of forest

Commercial and Ecological uses of Forest

The use of forests is a very important use for all. Forests are always used for all purposes. We will look at the use of forests for commercial and environmental purposes. So let’s find out the commercial uses of forests. The commercial forest is also a part of the forest. This forest has a large number of trees. uses of forest in human life

There is a commercial forest. The markets are very close to. Due to the proximity of the market, the cost of transporting the trees from the forest is very low. Commercial forestry is permitted by the forest industry. Also, commercial forestry is allowed to be cleared by the forest industry.

Commercial forestry brings a lot of benefits to the government and the people in the area. The government sells the shrubs in commercial forests to these commercial as well as foreign industries that are always there. Therefore, the government gets a huge profit from it. The forest is an ecologically balanced earth element.

As a result, the environmental use of forests is on a very large scale. Today, if we look, this environmental use of forests is happening everywhere. Where there are a lot of big forests.

This is where you get fresh and open air. From this, we can understand how big the environmental use of forests is. And you can’t even afford it. Such a great use is a natural one for us. You may also like different types of farming in India


All the Uses Of Forest given in this article are very important. Natural Uses Of Forest is also very important. Natural Uses Of Forest are all given in the above article. Be sure to let us know in the comment box how you felt about Uses Of Forest. We will always strive to provide you with up-to-date and quality information.

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