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importance of agriculture in Indian economy class 10 geography



Importance Of Agriculture In India

Hello friends how are you all will be fine So today we are going to look at the importance of agriculture in India. India is an agricultural country. Many goods are exported from India. Exports of these agricultural commodities earn India a huge amount of foreign exchange. As a result, most of the industries in India are agricultural. So let’s learn in detail about the importance of agriculture in India.

Importance Of Agriculture In Indian Economy Class 10 Geography: the agricultural sector in the Indian economy

Agriculture in India is defined as an art-science and economic purpose as well as a business for raising crops and livestock in the area. Agriculture is also defined as the only means of subsistence agriculture at a very large and specific stage of human development in India. Agriculture is a broad pattern that includes all aspects of crop production as well as horticulture and livestock as well as afforestation. Today we will see a wide pattern of the importance of agriculture in India.

Importance Of Agriculture In India

importance of agriculture in india in points

Agriculture is one of the largest industries in the world today. Agriculture is a productive plant nowadays. It includes natural things like land, water, air, soil, energy, etc. As a gift of nature, you get free gift items like oxygen. In the coming time, the demand for agriculture will increase tremendously.

1) Agriculture provides employment

Agriculture contributes a lot to the production of the country. A lot of people are making a living from agriculture. The agricultural sector has always been responsible for the employment of 60 per cent of the people in India.

2) The significant contribution of agriculture to the country’s exports

Agriculture is always the raw material for industries in the textile industry, textile industry, silk, rice, rubber, paper, flour, milk products, etc.

3) An important source of agriculture

In rural India, agriculture is becoming an important source of income for the people who have it.

4) Agriculture is improving the food security of the country

Agriculture has a huge contribution to make in times of food security because if the agricultural sector in the country is strong, food security is always in control.

5) Agriculture based business

There are a lot of agro-based businesses in rural areas, including poultry, goat rearing, beekeeping, gir cow rearing, and many other businesses. In the future, agriculture will be very important in every country.

agriculture-Importance Of Agriculture In India

Role of the importance of agrology in the Indian economy

1) The role of agriculture in industrial development

Agriculture is the main and major tool that always supplies raw materials to various important industries in India. For industrial supply, cotton, cloth, sugar, plant, edible oil, plantation industry, etc. are supplied from agriculture.

To give an example of this, I like the raw material of agricultural products like tea, coffee, rubber, etc. Also, industries with agro-based cottages regularly collect their raw materials from agriculture.

Nowadays, agriculture can provide a very large market for agro-industries. Because the level of agricultural income is always increasing in stages, the industrial sector is always growing rapidly.

agriculture-Importance Of Agriculture In India

2) The commercial importance of agriculture

Indian agriculture plays an important role in our internal and external trade. The main products are tea, coffee, sugar, tobacco, spices, cashews, etc.

There are a lot of agricultural products. It is also a major export item in the agricultural sector. About 70 percent of India’s exports come from agriculture. In the years to come, agriculture will always help the country to get valuable foreign exchange.

3) Revenue sources for the government

The Central and State Governments of India have always been the major sources of agricultural income. Nowadays, the government is always getting huge revenue from increasing land revenue.

Agriculture has become a major source of revenue for the government. And the government is getting a lot of revenue from agriculture.

importance of Agronomy in the Indian economy class 10

For many decades, agriculture in India has been associated with the production of basic food crops. Since agriculture in India is not commercially well developed, it is both agriculture and agriculture. But as the process of technology development in India accelerated, so did many other agricultural-related businesses in India.

Also, agriculture got a different recognition in the industrial areas of India. At present, in addition to agriculture in India, in addition to agriculture, there are always occupations of forestry fruits, dairy, poultry farms, mushrooms, beekeeping, etc. In today’s times, the marketing process of India as well as the distribution of agricultural produce has always been recognized as a part of all modern agriculture.

The agricultural system in India ensures the food security of the country and always produces raw materials for agro-based industries. And that is why agricultural development in India is a prerequisite for our Indian national prosperity. This is the importance of agriculture in India.

agriculture-Importance Of Agriculture In India

Scope and Importance Of Agriculture farming In India Essay

Agriculture in India is considered to be one of the major sectors of the Indian economy. The increasing technology in agriculture today is one of the reasons behind the huge agricultural development. The development of agriculture is taking place on a very large scale due to increasing technology. You will also like this 28 Essay Topics On Education 2020 New Latest Update

As a result, traditional farming is done in a modern way. Agriculture is also a sector which has contributed not only to itself but also to many ongoing industries in the country as well as to the development of many other sectors.

Our country, India, has always depended on the agricultural sector. Agriculture in India is not just a means of livelihood, it is a way of life for the people of India. Also, the Government of India is implementing very large scale schemes for the development of agriculture in India. Because the whole of India is dependent on food for agriculture.

The importance of agriculture

The food we eat today is always an agricultural activity. And we should be proud that he provides Indian food. Apart from this, the agricultural sector in India is one of the major contributors to the GDP as well as the national product of many countries. This area is a great contribution to the country.

Negative effects on agriculture

Although agriculture in India is very beneficial for the economy and the people living there, it also has some negative consequences.
The first negative impact on agriculture in India is massive deforestation. Because even the best forests have been cut down and turned into agricultural lands. Also, many river lakes using river water in India for irrigation have dried up. So we have to face natural disasters.

Also, the chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in agriculture are one of the negative aspects of agriculture. I always have to use organic fertilizers for farming which makes a lot of changes in for the information source

agriculture-Importance Of Agriculture In India


India has always been an agricultural country. Many industries in India are always based on agriculture. The above information about the importance of agriculture in India will always be useful to you. Please let us know in the comment box how you felt about the importance of agriculture in India. We always provide you with new and quality information.

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