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Best how to choose a mixer grinder ultimate guide



how to choose a mixer grinder

Today we are going to give you in-depth and complete information about how to choose a mixer grinder. It also gives you in-depth information about how to choose a good mixer grinder, how to choose a mixer grinder for home, how to choose mixer grinder India, how to choose a juicer mixer grinder, how to select a good mixer grinder. Let’s learn how to choose a mixer grinder without wasting time

1) Price

The mixer grinder you are buying should be affordable for you. There are many types of electric mixer grinders in our neighboring market.

Its prices are the same as those of a mixer grinder. So the price of the mixer grinder you are going to take should be right for you.

Also, the price of the mixer grinder is reasonable and the quality should be the same. Therefore, if you are buying any mixer grinder, you should consider its price and quality.

How to choose a mixer grinder Price is an easy option to choose from.


If a company always gives you a good guarantee on the product you have. So that company assures you that it is really a good quality product.

When choosing a model of mixer grinder you should check the 2 to 5-year warranty.

Also, find out if there is an additional warranty on the mixer grinder motor. Mixer Grinder Warranty will ensure that your equipment is protected for a long period of time.

warranty is also a great tool for how to choose a mixer grinder.

3) Jars

The more jars you have in the mixer grinder, the better the mixer grinder will be for you. Be sure to always find a mixer grinder with 2 – 3 jars of different capacity to meet your kitchen needs.

The jars in this mixer grinder you can use for many of these tasks, one for grinding spices, one for making chutney, and another for extracting juice.

A durable body and break-resistant lid in the mixer grinder are a must-have for everyday wear and tear in your kitchen.

Also, you should also check the ergonomically designed handles for better hand grip in mixer grinder jars. Jars is a how-to choose a mixer grinder.

4) Blades

The blades of the mixer grinder do all this work so it definitely makes sense to verify the quality of the mixer grinder.

In the mixer grinder make sure the material is always stainless steel and preferably 304 grade. The grade of steel in the mixer grinder is important.

This is because the steel of the mixer grinder determines whether it is resistant to oxidation and rust. The high-quality steel blades in the mixer grinder also maintain their sharpness for a long period of time.

Blades is also a solution to how to choose a mixer grinder.


5) Speed

The RPM of the mixer grinder you have is also a crucial factor. Because it tells you in an electric mixer grinder how fast the blades of a mixer grinder can rotate per minute.

For a home mixer grinder in your own kitchen, anything from 18000 to 23000 rpm is enough. A juicer mixer grinder in your home will ideally require a low to medium rpm to work efficiently.

At high rpm of the mixer grinder, liquids or spices cannot be effectively mixed or ground.

The mixer grinder must have a speed control knob/switch to change the settings as required. Speed ​​is also an important tool in identifying how to choose a mixer grinder.

6) Wattage

One of the first things to check when a mixer grinder comes into your kitchen is how many wattages it has. High wattage is useful for grinding hard food in your kitchen and at fast speeds.

Everything from 500 W to 750 W in your kitchen mixer grinder is good for Indian kitchens. Wattage is also a great way to identify how to choose a mixer grinder.


how to choose a good mixer grinder

how to choose a mixer grinder

1) Brand preferences and pricing

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to designing our own home appliances. There are many electric mixer grinders available to choose from the many household brands you have.

The price of each mixer grinder in your kitchen also depends on the features and brand it offers. Some brands of mixer grinders may demand a premium.

For features that you can see on a low priced product in a mixer grinder. The mixer grinder to use in your kitchen should be chosen based on the budget you have already decided.

Brand preferences and pricing is also the right tool to identify how to choose a mixer grinder.

2) Maintenance

If you are always a low maintenance person and you do not like a lot of cleaning in the kitchen.

So you should avoid buying a mixer grinder with a lot of jars and equipment in the mixer grinder. You can have a simple jar or two models in the mixer grinder is an easy choice for you.


3) Overload Protection

Sometimes you fill the kitchen while grinding the mixer or running the mixer on the stretch for several days.

In such cases in your kitchen, there is a risk of burning the motor of the mixer due to the pressure of the mixer grinder overload.

To avoid such a situation in your kitchen, some mixer grinder brands offer overload protection function in an electric mixer grinder.

Which acts as a circuit breaker in case of overload in the mixer grinder. And prevents the mixer grinder machine from malfunctioning or breaking.

Overload Protection is also a great way to identify how to choose a mixer grinder.

how to choose mixer grinder for home

Stand mixer

The mixer grinders you have are very powerful mixer grinders that are used in factories and bakeries. Stand mixers are usually very large. These are rarely used in-home use.

Traditional mixer

These are the compact mixers you have in your kitchen that you see in every home.

how to choose a mixer grinderr

how to choose mixer grinder india

Size And Weight

Mixer-grinders in your kitchen comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Before you buy a mixer grinder, you have enough area in the kitchen without crowding the space.

Check their dimensions to make sure you have the space you have. If you are thinking of throwing a mixer grinder to an overhead kitchen cupboard.

So with each use of the mixer grinder, you should also have enough space to lift it up easily and simply. Size And Weight is also a tool to identify how to choose a mixer grinder.



You should definitely tell us in the comment box how you felt about the information we gave you about how to choose a mixer grinder.

We will always try to give you quality information. This article gives you a brief overview on how to buy a mixer. We hope you enjoy the above information.

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