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function of education



function of education

Hello friends how are you all will be fine So friends, today we are going to learn about the function of education? We will also learn the importance of today’s function of education. Today we will also learn what is the main purpose of the function of education. Also today we will learn about the functions of education ppt. So let’s learn about the function of education without wasting time.

The function of education

The function of education is always the purpose of society and there is an aspect of socializing in it.

It also involves learning a number of skills. Education is always based on one’s moral values. And always trying to shape your values. Education is an integral part of human life.

Education has a huge contribution to make in human life. Education always helps man to adapt to his future situation and society.

This was done a few decades ago when education was always known as a tripartite system.

That children under the age of 11 were being tested. Which was also helping to improve children’s abilities.

Education always allows children to integrate into social backgrounds. It always helps to improve society.

Marxist sociologists have made great contributions to education. The curriculum is always what it is because the higher the lord people have the tools and materials because there is no education in the past.

They had no information and only those who have wealth. The position of their class is always reinforced and productive just because they decide the same course.

And the system they have designed for themselves has always left the working class powerless.

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Education as a social work

Education has made a huge contribution to the development of the world. Also, education plays a big role in the development of a person.

Education and human beings are always different from other animals. Education also greatly improves society.

It has been said for some time that education is the milk of Waghini. Education always leads to progress in society.

And I am evolving with society and society is always progressing. Education is very important in today’s society.

A teaching task

Education is the meaning of one’s life. Yes, education makes one progress. Education has become a very important issue for society nowadays.

The idea of new ideas always comes to human intellect due to education. Education is a great tool for human progress.

function of education

Recent functions of education

Education is a very important tool in human life in the world. And all human beings are using the tool in it. Because of education, human beings are always progressing.

Education has always made human progress possible. Without education, progress is not possible.

This is how education shows that education always leads to social reform. Our aim is always to develop through education and the country always progresses through education.

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Social work of education

Education makes me aware of many skills. Because of education, human beings always know the real world.

Education is the basis of human social interaction. Due to this man-made progress is being made. Education is the progress of society.

Humans and I are living creatures in society and if it improves, society will always improve, so education is very important for human beings.

Educational Psychology

The educational system in the world today is very complex. The purpose of education is different for everyone. Also, the approach to education is different for everyone.

Understanding the curriculum of psychology in the field of education is very important. Always for you to understand the educational psychology of personal education.

And in the demonstration of this place, we apply the theory of human development to get information about the voting process.

Always communicating and reviewing their work is a very important part of this. Also for some people, this is not the first job because teaching is key. This is a lifelong effort today.

The course of psychology has become very important nowadays. Psychology is an educational function as every country in the world is aware of the curriculum of psychology.

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Responsibility of educational management

1) Planning

Planning is a very important part of academic management work. This is a very important issue. Also, a lot has changed in this.

Grants may not be available as expected by the equipment, so some planning is not done properly. Planning is a function of education.

2) Decision making

Nowadays, decision making is an important issue in educational management. It is also very important to know the effect of the policies on the decisions you always make.

We also need to think about this. Decision making is an important issue in academic management. And it’s very important that everyone has it.

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3) Estimate

One of the most important skills in education is to anticipate situations that always arise.

Guessing is a very important skill in the working system of educational management. And it is very important that everyone has it. Prediction is a very important function of education.

4) Cooperation

Most of the knowledge and ideas are very important to us in this. Collaboration is an important function in educational management.

Because of this work, relationships between people are better. Also, due to this work, the distribution of work in the locality is done in a systematic manner.

Also, the division of labor is becoming very important. This is a very important factor in academic management. Cooperation is a very important function of education.

social aim of education


You will definitely like the information given above about the function of education. If you need any information like this, be sure to let us know in the comment box. We will always try to give you quality new information.

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