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compare the features of democracy and non-democratic government



Features Of Democracy

Hello friends, I am sure you are all well. Today in this article we will see all the information about the Compare The Features Of Democracy And Non-Democratic Government. We will also learn about the basic principles of democracy. In this article, we will also learn about the major features of democracy. Similarly, we will also learn how key features of democracy works. Let’s learn about the features of democracy without wasting time.

Features of Democracy

Compare The Features Of Democracy And Non-Democratic Government: what are the main features of democracy class 9

1)The principle of equality

The principle of equality is the major and leading principle of democracy. In the principles of democracy, all people are treated without any discrimination and all are treated equally. Likewise, it is a matter of great appreciation for democracy to always respect the social and political equality of all people. Equality is a great opportunity in a democracy where all people have equal political rights due to the principle of equality and equality before the law as well as non-discrimination due to the principle of equality.

2)Popular sovereignty

This principle means the popular as well as the origin of all power. This principle is also called the essence of democracy. In these principles, the people can change the government through elections as per the will of the people.

3)Equality of opportunity

Democracy is also known as equality of opportunity in this objective which is the main objective of democracy. This clearly means that everyone has a free and fair opportunity to compete. According to this principle, every person has the opportunity to progress and develop in society. It also contributes to the proper efforts for the betterment of society.

4)Equal opportunity

In a democracy, a government like this is a government of the people. Its main objective is to ensure that anyone can compete in the political arena as well as in the political struggle on the principle that it is independent and equal for all.

5)Civil and political equality

In a democracy, all citizens are always given equal political rights. Political equality is considered an important and necessary right in a democracy.

6)Rule of law

In a democracy, the rule of law is the same for all. All citizens are equal before the law. By the way, in a democracy, the law is supreme. Also in a democracy, the law is the basic principle of democracy.

7)Fundamental rights and freedoms

People in a democracy always enjoy these basic rights and freedoms. Democracy has a powerful judicial system to protect the freedom of the people.

8)Transparent accountable government

In a democracy, the government is always transparent. A government in a democracy is a government that always responds to the demands of the people. Also in a democracy, the government always tries to act according to the will of the people.

9)The right to freedom

As a fundamental right in a democracy, people also enjoy the right to freedom as a fundamental right. Freedom of expression is very important freedom in a democracy. These are the principles of features of democracy.

Features of Democracy

what are the main features of democracy class 9

Best Five Features of Democracy

1) Representative elected by the people

In a democracy in India, elected representatives are always at work. Representatives elected by the people are servants of the people and the government.

2)Rule of law

This is a very important rule in a democracy. This rule always ensures the rule of law.

3)Civil liberties

This is a very important civil liberties in a democracy. This freedom includes freedom of speech and information.

4)Independent justice System

This is one of the most important justice systems in a democracy. In a democracy, everyone has the same judiciary.

5)In an organized opposition Democracy

This is a very important party in a democracy. Due to this party, the work of the people in a democracy is done very fast. This party is also known as the Opposition. The organized opposition is always preventing the government from dictating. features of marketing

Features of Democracy

4 Important Features of Democracy

1)Majority state

In a democracy, decisions made in a democratic system to run the state and the country are made by the majority of the people. Its decisions are made democratically by voting. In this, decisions are taken on the basis of the majority of votes cast, and in a democracy, the majority of decisions are made by the people. features of the marketing concept

2)The power to change Government

In a democracy, this happens in a democracy to criticize the government, to stop the decision taken by the government, and to change the government. And democracy has the power to change the government. This makes the government in a democracy just.

3)Government formed by the people

In a democratic system, the people always have power and the people send their representatives to the system. Democracy also has the power to change the government if the elected representatives are acting differently and abusing their authority. features of the marketing environment

4)Respect for the Democratic process

In a democratic system, people always respect the democratic process and people should find legal changes in it in accordance with the law.

Features of Democracy

5 Key Features of Democracy: Compare The Features Of Democracy And Non-Democratic Government

Democracy is the biggest political idea in India as well as in the world. This shows that it is always based on the system of all the citizens of the country as well as the government. It also operates through democratically elected representatives. Every different country in the world has a different democratic system.

1) Basic human rights are always respected in a democracy.

2) Democracy always has a multilateral political system.

3) Democracy always works in the voting system.

4) In a democracy, the rule of law is always respected.

5) Democracy always involves citizens.

Features of Democracy

Main Features of Democracy Class 9 and what are the three features of democracy

1) Democracy consists of major decisions made by the representatives of the citizens.

2) Democracies always have free and fair elections.

3) In a democracy, an adult always has the right to vote. In a democracy, every vote always has a value.

4) In a democracy, the government always acts in accordance with the rules laid down by the constitutional law and the rights of the citizens.

5) In a democracy, there is always an increase in the dignity of the citizens. also, read the social aim of education

Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy

List of Advantages of Democracy

1) Democracy always gives people the opportunity to participate in their government as individuals.

2) Democracy always promotes equality in a positive way.

3) Democracy always grows fast.

4) Democracy strengthens the level of patriotism.

5) Legality is very important in a democracy.

List of Disadvantages of Democracy

1) Democracy is ineffective for the voters unless they are always educated on their own decision.

2) The structure of democracy in democracies also depends on the will of the majority.

3) It always takes a long time to implement changes in a democracy.


The information given about the features of democracy will be very important to you in your life. Tell us exactly how you felt about the features of democracy in the comment box. We will always strive to provide you with the latest quality information.

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