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Advantages And Disadvantages of Mobile Phones for Students



Advantages And Disadvantages of Mobile Phones for Students

What you want to know about the Advantages And Disadvantages of Mobile Phones. In this article, you will learn all about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones for students today. Nowadays, everyone is using mobile phones. Everyone is using a mobile phone, but not everyone can live a second without a mobile phone. Today we are going to learn that in today’s world mobile phone is a blessing or a curse. Today we are going to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile. So let’s find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones for students.

Advantages of Mobile Phones for Students

1) Easy Communication

The most important use of mobile phones is that mobile phones are the cheapest and lightest form. We can move our mobile phones from one place to another very fast.

Mobile phones are also very easy to use and important in today’s times. Today is the age of computers. Smartphones with many features are playing a very important role in the form of smartphone computers. Nowadays, smartphones are always doing 70 to 80 percent of the computer work on all mobiles.

Editing an image as well as editing a video has become very common in mobile today. Today’s world is 4G as well as FiveG’s, so mobile is playing a very important role again today.

Nowadays, you can send any message or image from WhatsApp to your mobile. Similarly, the great contribution of mobile is that we can communicate with a very large number of people using an application like Facebook Messenger. Mobile is one of the most important contributors to today’s world.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Mobile Phones for Students

2) Communicating with Relatives Through Social Media

Nowadays mobile phone is not just a mobile, nowadays everyone has become a tool to perform a wide variety of tasks from mobile. Some developers and engineers in mobile are making huge changes and improvements in technology day by day.

This has led to huge changes in the mobile and increasing use of mobile is becoming very important for social media. Through mobile phones, every person is connected to their relatives through social media.

Nowadays social media is a tool used by every people. Through social media, we can share our daily life with each other. It can also make voice calls as well as send text messages to some people.

Photos and videos can also keep you in touch with relatives through social media. It can also create confirmation for business advertising.

3) Mobile Phones are Very Good for People’s Safety

Today the world has changed completely and so has the crime scene. So having a mobile every time is also a great security option. You may have always heard of a lot of crime in your area.

Crimes like kidnapping, theft, and rape are happening in society on a very large scale nowadays. Also, the mobile phone is always helping you a lot in these different types of illegal activities.

Also, the mobile phone makes your life the fastest on a much larger scale. For women, mobile phones are a boon in today’s world. If women are having any problem, the police are using mobile phones to help their relatives in calling women.

Mobile phones are being used on a huge scale these days. Mobile phones have also played a significant role in the current and previous lock-down process. In Lock Dawn, people communicated with each other on a very large scale through mobile phones

4) Mobile Phones are in Vogue These Days

Today is an important and fashionable time. It is very important to have a mobile phone near each of these. Smartphones are one of the most important and fashionable trends in today’s world.

Nowadays we can easily find people with mobile phones in everyone’s hands. Also, taking selfies with the front camera of a mobile phone has become a common thing these days.

Also, taking selfies is a kind of folk art nowadays. Uploading selfies taken on this social networking site, which will always be yours, is also becoming a huge trend these days.

5) Mobile Phones Help a Great Deal in Emergencies

The mobile phone has become a tool of the times nowadays. Also nowadays no one can stay by reading mobile phone. If you imagine that you are on a road and your car suddenly stops in mode, then you have no choice but to use a mobile phone.

You can also quickly tell the person in front of you where your car is parked due to your mobile phone. A mobile phone is a device that will always help you call a mechanic as well as your family members as soon as possible so that they can always send you a mechanic or another car or car to get rid of that problem.

This is also a very important use of mobile phones. Sometimes we get very sick. At that time you need the help of a doctor very quickly. So at such times we as well as in such situations we use mobile phones for fast conversation. This is also one of the most widely used mobile phones today.

Advantages  of Mobile Phones for Students

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones for Students in Points

The advantages and disadvantages of using a mobile phone are huge. We have learned the advantages of mobile phones in the above points. We will now learn the disadvantages of mobile phones for students in points.

1) The mobile Phone is an Annoying Device

Just as we have the advantage of mobile today, it also has a lot of disadvantages. This mobile phone is an annoying device for you. In this, we have all seen that mobile phone is always bothering you in your work for a business meeting.

Or not just in business meetings but you still have a very large amount of mobile annoying in life. In it, you can sometimes ring your phone at bedtime and it can cause you to fall asleep.

This is the worst time for you to wake up. Nor are we ready to wake up. It is very important for you to keep your mobile phone in a good mood between your important meeting and office.

So it is very important that you know that your mobile should not be a nuisance to your neighbors or people in your office.

2) Accidents and Health Problems due to Mobile

Nowadays people also occasionally use mobile phones while driving. This has led to serious road accidents while driving and some people have lost their lives due to this.

It is strictly forbidden to use a mobile phone while driving while learning to drive. But people are addicted to some mobiles so they are always using mobiles while driving.

Nowadays, even children always watch movies and cartoons on their mobile phones for a long time. Which always takes them away from real life. Due to the constant use of mobile phones, children are also sitting in one place.

As a result, lack of exercise is becoming more and more prevalent in their body. Lack of exercise on the body of children at an early age is causing many health problems in children. That is why children should always be kept away from television and mobile phones before they become addicted.

3) Bad Health Effects due to Mobile Phones

Excessive use of too many types of mobile phones is greatly reducing the immune system. Also, many types of health problems like cancer, blood cancer, infertility, and abortion are seen in children due to mobile phone radiation.

Also, a very large number of health issues are arising. Also, long-term use of smartphones can lead to many health problems such as insomnia, anxiety, and various mental disorders. So for a limited period of time or to minimize its use is an important and better thing for you and for you.

4) Misuse of Time

Mobile phone use is as bad as it is today. Some children are using mobile phones to such an extent that they have a habit of using mobile phones on a very large scale.

Today’s kids are talking on mobile phones as well as playing games and looking at pictures and videos. In fact, children are wasting a lot of time. As well as mobile games in which students are becoming increasingly addicted.

And playing games all day long on mobile is also a very big waste of time these days. So that they are always giving a regular schedule of studies and ideas of their physical activities.

We also need to know in today’s world that mobile phones are being used to play games, so it will be a waste of time for today’s students.

5) Increase in Security Issues

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone and everyone is using some application on their mobile phone. It is also required for each application to sign up for use.

It also fills in the details of each person as well as your e-mail to use the application or some websites even give you the option to sign up from your social media accounts.

This greatly enhances your privacy and security. Also, the problems in this have also increased to a very large extent. About your security in your mobile phone such as copying your data photo contacts from the database of social media websites.

And they always give this data to the third party. That raises questions about your security. It can also lead to a lot of information about the account you have. This makes it important for you to be aware of some of the security issues on a very large scale.

 Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones for Children’s in Points

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones for Children’s in Points children around the world use mobile phones for a variety of reasons. Some kids even spend hours talking to their friends on their cell phones.

Because of this, K games are also played through mobile phones. Also, these kids spend a lot of time on the internet.

The Internet is also the home of entertainment for children today. Today we are going to look at the side effects of mobile phones on children.

1) Tumors

Mobile usage is on the rise these days. At the same time, the use of cell phones is on the rise. As a result, the incidence of this disease in children is increasing at a very high rate.

The disease is being transmitted to children through cell phones as well as some of the radiation emitted by cell phone radiation.

To prevent this disease, you should limit the use of mobile phones by children to avoid potential risks to children as well as to reduce the use of your mobile phones in children.

2) Too Much Stress on the Brain

The human brain is working on a very large scale. Also, the human brain can be bothered by a very large number of action ideas, and also a very large amount of further study is needed to prove this.

It works for mobile phones as well as for all types of communication, even through electromagnetic waves. There are even internal electromagnetic waves, so the brain’s own electric impulse is very large.

Which also communicates in the neural network. This can potentially have a very large effect on the brain. However, as we have told you it is also necessary to do a lot more research to prove that radiation has a very large effect on the brain.

3) Academic Performance

Many children nowadays carry mobile phones to school. They are also chatting with friends on mobile phones and chats are also increasing in the classrooms during school holidays.

Also, playing games at school or in the classroom is on the rise these days. As a result, children fail to pay attention in class.

Even important lessons are made fun of due to the overuse of these mobile phones. As a result, it is being neglected in the context of studies and examinations.

4) Educational Abuse

The mobile phone is not only distracting your kids but it is also being misused to get the best who are in the exams. And it has come to the fore that it is also a tool of abuse.

Using the built-in calculator in the exam as well as collecting photographs or related information to cheat in the exam. Or chat with other students during the exam.

It is also seen in large numbers in various cities that mobile phones are being misused in educational work. Such behavior affects not only academic performance but also personality problems to a great extent.

As a result, educational abuse is on the rise among children as well as school children today.

5) Improper Medium

The mobile phone is a very important device like any other gadget of today. Mobile phones can always be used for good purposes. But due to some inappropriate media, mobile can also be used for different purposes.

Children can read inappropriate message images or text that has been generalized by their friends or groups, and they can also send it to others. It can also change the way they think about their understanding.

They find their way to pornography at an early age through mobile phones. From this, mobile phones can create a fiasco by exchanging their own images through mobile phones as well as irresponsibly affecting their lives for a lot of work.

6) Sleep Disruption

You can talk late with friends, play games, and keep scrolling through social media. As a result, the timing of their sleep is changing dramatically.

This can lead to fatigue or discomfort in some children. A very large number of mobile phones have also disrupted academic life.

Because children are not ready to focus on what is taught in school, its domino effect is also felt in children.

7) Medical Problems

In their free time, children do not understand the importance of participating in physical activities as they are always stuck on mobile phones or mobile phones.

Nor do they understand that fresh air is very important for their health. Therefore, the risk of obesity and other diseases in their body is very high. Mobile phones have led to a huge increase in harmful diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Essay on Mobile Phone for Student and Children

Essays on mobile phones for children: Mobile phones are often called “cellular phones” in the world. A mobile phone is a device that is primarily used for voice calls.

Today’s technological advancement has made our lives easier. Nowadays with the help of mobile phones, we can easily talk or video chat with anyone around the world just by moving our fingers.

Today mobile phones are always available in different shapes and sizes. Nowadays mobile phones have different technical features and are used for many purposes like voice calling, video chatting, text messaging or SMS, multimedia messaging, internet browsing, email, video games, and photography.

That is why mobile phones are called ‘smart phones’. Like every device, the mobile phone also has a lot of advantages and disadvantages which we have discussed in the above points.

Harmful side effects of Mobile Phones on Teenagers

  1. Teen Tendonitis (TTT)
  2. Stress
  3. Sleep loss
  4. Accidents
  5. Anxiety
  6. Risk of cancer
  7. Cyberbullying
  8. False prestige
  9. Obesity
  10. Vision problems

FAQ of Mobiles Phones

1. What are the benefits of mobile use for students?

Mobile phones for students always improve knowledge.
A mobile phone is good time management for you.
Nowadays mobile phones help students in emergencies.
Mobile phones are very useful in studies nowadays.
Useful location apps are very important

2. Is mobile good or bad for students?

Relying too much on mobile phones these days can always be detrimental to a person’s mental health. Excessive use of mobile phones nowadays is always associated with anxiety, irritability, frustration, and impatience.

3. Why mobile phones are important for learners?

Mobile phones are theoretically enabling students to get competent-centered learning by customizing the constant transfer of information and access to information to enhance their skills and knowledge and achieve their own educational objectives.

4. How do phones affect learning?

Having a phone in the classroom reduces the attention span and subsequent memory loss during the lecture. Distractions due to significant text messages in the classroom reduce learning. All the effects of cellphones are most pronounced in 10-15 minutes in the lecture.


In the above article, we have learned all about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones for Students. You will definitely like the information about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones for Students. Be sure to let us know in the comment box how you felt about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones for Students. We are always trying to provide you with the latest quality information.

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